Castle from the 13th century

There is  a small fellow  whose  name is  Ernie that  i know  and  he  is  from  Wales. he  was  telling  me about  a castle  that is near  where  he  lives  that  was  builtin the 13  century.Since  it  is  almost  in his  back yard he  wanted  me to write about it.

The night stand and water pictuer of teh use of teh resident.

I will be  posting more about  this unique  old castle soon  tell me  if  you like  castles, we  have  lots of  pictures and  stories..



What can we do about the economy.

There are many things we cn do to help our countries sagging economy.
one thinbg is to besure to buy American, you can even check the label on the cans of  food  you buy check the laels  on the can and see  where it was canned. Maybe it was canned in Indosenia.

Look for the American brands canned  in America, even Kellogs  has a plant in Jarkata  where they make corn flakes. Is that an American product  or not??

We also need to buy American made cars. Many foreign models are manufactured her in the USA, it’s of  to buy those  because it keeps American workers  working.

So if  we try there are many things we can do to help our selves turn the  country around.