As some of  you might  know  i am  starting  a web site  to promote  among  other things , my writing of articles on the various  publishing  sites. I write on Experts Column and Triond and Wikinut these three seem to be about the best as far as getting  your  articles publish and getting  paid  for what you write.

I write on many different  subjects, i have just finished  writing  about gold and how  it  was found,and the  how  it  was  mined, Did you know  they were  mining  gold  before  Christ? We tell about that in some  of  our  articles. Remember the golden fleece in the bible, It was not from a golden sheep, the miners  used  the fleece in a certain way.

We have  many other  factual and  interesting  articles for  you  to look at and read. our  web site is called, take  a look and  give a comment, we  will appreciate  it.

We are also featuring  products  from Amazon on our  site, we have  may thing  from little girls bloomers to rebuilt  engines  for  your car  or  truck. You will just have to go take a look. Tomorrow  I will some picture  or  give  you a link about  the gold mining  stories  we  have  written.

If you have  any  questions about  gold , just post  it and  i will get  you an answer

till later



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