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The power of Calamondin                                                    This is another one of those strange tropical fruits, which you only find in a warm climate. It has many  uses for  eating  ,cooking  and like many tropical plants  in medicine, the  fruit  you  see most … Continue reading

Blackberries a natural food


mûres - blackberries

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When I was  a kid  we lived where  there  were lots of  wild  Balckberries, mom would take  us  out to the  berry patch  and help us  pick black berries. We would bring  them home  and  wash them, to get the ants  off. The mom would  have us  squeze part  the out  into juice  and she would make  jelly and Blackberry syrup for  our hot cakes. Then  she  would  can many quarts of  the berries so we could  eat  them  in the  winter months.

Do you know  that when it  snowed, the  snow  got to be  six inches or deeper  then mom would help us make  snow  icecream, it is the best  especially when we open a jar of  mom’s canned blackberries and cover the  icecream with  blackberries  that we  picked  ourselves.  It was so good.

Summer fruit in the winter


In the last post  we  talked about  canning the Blackberries and  how  good  they  were. Besides Blackberries we canned all the  different kinds of  vegetables that grew  in the  garden, then when the snow  was on the ground we could open a jar of  tomatoes or beets and  have  fresh veggies all winter  long.

We also went to a neighboring town where they grew  peaches and cherries, buy  those and  bring  them home and  can them. There was a very short  season on peaches so we had to can a lot so  we  could  have some all year long.

When the snow  was about a foot deep we would  go out and  get  a big  bowl of  snow and  make  snow  ice cream, add some  of our  blackberries  to it  and  have the  best possible desert  that any one  could  have.