Ice cream parlors

Today good ice cream is hard to find, but it is out ther if you look hard enough.

Restaurant-ing through history

Ice cream is an affordable, intergenerational family-friendly treat with a mild sedative effect. Historically it’s been associated with the temperance movement, innocent youthful courtship, and after-theater refreshment.

For ages ice cream has been primarily a commercial product. As was largely true of soda and beer, it was usually consumed outside the home until after World War II. Only then did supermarkets and homes acquire extensive freezer capacity. In 1925, according to Jakle and Sculle’s Fast Food, 19% of all ice cream was sold in grocery stores, the bulk of it being marketed through confectioners, drug store soda fountains, wayside stands, restaurants, and lunch counters.

Those who could afford it in the late 18th century often obtained ice cream from confectioners and caterers of European origin who made it each day in summer and served it in outdoor gardens or delivered it to homes for immediate consumption.

Late 18th- and early…

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Castle from the 13th century

There is  a small fellow  whose  name is  Ernie that  i know  and  he  is  from  Wales. he  was  telling  me about  a castle  that is near  where  he  lives  that  was  builtin the 13  century.Since  it  is  almost  in his  back yard he  wanted  me to write about it.

The night stand and water pictuer of teh use of teh resident.

I will be  posting more about  this unique  old castle soon  tell me  if  you like  castles, we  have  lots of  pictures and  stories..


What can we do about the economy.

There are many things we cn do to help our countries sagging economy.
one thinbg is to besure to buy American, you can even check the label on the cans of  food  you buy check the laels  on the can and see  where it was canned. Maybe it was canned in Indosenia.

Look for the American brands canned  in America, even Kellogs  has a plant in Jarkata  where they make corn flakes. Is that an American product  or not??

We also need to buy American made cars. Many foreign models are manufactured her in the USA, it’s of  to buy those  because it keeps American workers  working.

So if  we try there are many things we can do to help our selves turn the  country around.



As some of  you might  know  i am  starting  a web site  to promote  among  other things , my writing of articles on the various  publishing  sites. I write on Experts Column and Triond and Wikinut these three seem to be about the best as far as getting  your  articles publish and getting  paid  for what you write.

I write on many different  subjects, i have just finished  writing  about gold and how  it  was found,and the  how  it  was  mined, Did you know  they were  mining  gold  before  Christ? We tell about that in some  of  our  articles. Remember the golden fleece in the bible, It was not from a golden sheep, the miners  used  the fleece in a certain way.

We have  many other  factual and  interesting  articles for  you  to look at and read. our  web site is called, take  a look and  give a comment, we  will appreciate  it.

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If you have  any  questions about  gold , just post  it and  i will get  you an answer

till later


D0 you advertise on Word press

Asking people if they advertise here and what the response is.
i am looking for the best place to advertise so my efforts are not wasted. i posted my website on here yesterday and we got a few hits from it. Frankly i was rather surprised. i am almost done revising the site, so will see what happens in aa week or so. we are also adding some products from amazon.

Writing for fun and Money

Writing   for me  is  not  really hard once I get started , but sometimes  it is  really hard  to get my mind and  fingers to work together.

WEe have  been busy  getting  a web site  set up and  now  it  is  almost  ready, we will start placing ads  on it tomorrow. You can take a look at it any time but  bear in mind  it is not  complete yet, so you will have  to visit agaIn.

Here is  a picture of  my little one, she  is really growing.

Ashleys killer smile 21/2 yr old